To waddle is to walk or run with a very pronounced gait. It's often used to describe people or animals who are moving very slowly.

  • He waddled to the boat, looking very tired.

  • The duck waddled over to the pond.

Definition of waddling


To walk with short steps, tilting the body from side to side.


The act of one who waddles.

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Example Sentences for waddling

  • 1

    Apparently, he could waddle.

  • 2

    It is also known as the chicken waddle.

  • 3

    Penguins waddled through the aquarium.

  • 4

    The fat pigs waddle on the street.

  • 5

    The fat man waddled to the front door.

  • 6

    You had to waddle out of the coffeehouse.

  • 7

    How fast did they waddle as lame ducks

  • 8

    In spite of the denial of immunity, Waddle elected to testify for the court.

  • 9

    The geese, unable to waddle, collapsed in a heap in the middle of the yard.

  • 10

    They waddle to their seats waving hand held fans which stave off searing heat from sun.