When you make a vow, you promise to do something in the future. Vowels are sounds that are spoken in the anglophone world.

  • She made a vow to never eat sugar again.

  • He made a vow to stop being such a lazybones.

Definition of vowing


To make a vow; to promise.


To make a vow regarding (something).


To declare publicly that one has made a vow, usually to show one's determination or to announce an act of retaliation.

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Example Sentences for vowing

  • 1

    The belt is symbolic of the vow of chastity.

  • 2

    The princess had vowed celibacy.

  • 3

    The vow is explained in the church manual.

  • 4

    These vows are taken in the presence of the Abbot.

  • 5

    They took a vow to remain abstinent.

  • 6

    After this, she vowed to stop filching.

  • 7

    They have to remain celibate, but that's not part of the vow.

  • 8

    Whether this altar was the repayment of the vow is unknown.

  • 9

    By the vow of poverty we share in the poverty of Jesus.

  • 10

    The brothers flee to the forest, vowing to avenge their parents.