Voracious means to be very hungry or to eat a lot. When people say that someone is voracious, they mean that they are very hungry or they are eating a lot.

  • The child is voracious, and she can't stop eating.

  • The voracious dog is eating everything in sight.

Definition of voracious


devouring or craving food in great quantities


edacious, esurient, rapacious, ravening, ravenous, wolfish


excessively greedy and grasping


rapacious, ravening

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Example Sentences for voracious

  • 1

    They have a voracious and undiscerning appetite.

  • 2

    The afflicted are often fretful, irritable, and voraciously hungry.

  • 3

    They only eat insects and have a voracious appetite.

  • 4

    The bagworm has a voracious appetite and is considered a serious pest.

  • 5

    The first days only eat insects and have a voracious appetite.

  • 6

    The killer whale's voracious appetite leads it to consume up to 500 lb.

  • 7

    She is a voracious eater.

  • 8

    That is a voracious and unfussy eater.

  • 9

    Such is the nature of youth and a voracious disposition.

  • 10

    Abhinavagupta is famous for his voracious thirst of knowledge.