Volcanically means very quickly. When you say that something is volcanically angry, you mean that they are very angry and upset very quickly.

  • Volcanically, I didn't like the idea of going on this trip.

  • Volcanically, I can't believe he said that to me.

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Example Sentences for volcanically

  • 1

    The interior of the structure consists of volcanic ash.

  • 2

    The bubbly or frothy appearance is due to bentonite, or volcanic ash.

  • 3

    The volcanic group lies on the Kurile arc of the Pacific ring of fire.

  • 4

    The channel is the result of volcanic activity.

  • 5

    The volcanic eruption was the source of the catastrophe.

  • 6

    A contingency planning is needed for volcanic eruption.

  • 7

    The region was also the site of periodic volcanism.

  • 8

    These are the spatiotemporal patterns of seismic and volcanic activity.

  • 9

    The chasm became the volcanic rent of Mount Tarawera.

  • 10

    The forearc lies between the trench and the volcanic arc.