Vocalizing is the act of talking or shouting. When you vocalize, you are using your voice to communicate.

  • She vocalized her anger when she threw the book across the room.

  • The vocalizing animals in the zoo were making a lot of noise.

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Example Sentences for vocalizing

  • 1

    Beth sings the vocals on the song.

  • 2

    The vocals then reproduce the sound and feel of the original instrumentation.

  • 3

    The vocals itself are usually hoarse sounding, or can be screamed.

  • 4

    On Amok his vocals were sort of a mixture of gruff and melodic singing.

  • 5

    Typically, the vocals are distorted to sound hoarse, harsh and without tone.

  • 6

    The guttural vocals and machine gun percussion sound like early Metallica.

  • 7

    It is a sonorous, vocal language.

  • 8

    That is not what wordless vocals are.

  • 9

    A further problem is that of vocalization.

  • 10

    The vocals are warm and sincere.