Viscoelastic is a type of material that is very flexible. This means that it can deform a lot, but it will always recover to its original shape.

  • The viscoelastic material was very flexible, which made it easy to bend.

  • The viscoelastic material was very hard, which made it difficult to bend.

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    These are viscoelastic materials.

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    It is a property of viscoelastic materials.

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    Effect of temperature on viscoelastic behavior.

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    Semi infinite viscoelastic medium.

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    Tar pitch is a viscoelastic polymer.

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    It is best described as a viscoelastic fluid.

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    This phenomenon is known as viscoelastic creep.

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    Slot coating of mildly viscoelastic liquids.

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    Thereafter, the viscoelastic part relaxes and creeps.

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    Deep lamellar keratoplasty using viscoelastic dissection.