Visceral means relating to the organs of the body, especially the stomach and the intestines. When something is viscerally unpleasant, it feels very bad in the body.

  • The food was viscerally disgusting.

  • The experience was viscerally terrifying.

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Example Sentences for viscerally

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    It's purely visceral, as the majority of these responses are.

  • 2

    The effect was visceral and totally immersive.

  • 3

    His work focuses on the visceral factors.

  • 4

    His work focuses on the visceral mind.

  • 5

    Chiropractors also add a visceral componenent to the definition.

  • 6

    The buccal mass and whole visceral mass is removed.

  • 7

    BUA was fascinated by the raw, visceral street life of the city.

  • 8

    Instead, the intention was to capture a more natural and visceral sound.

  • 9

    The nerves contain preganglionic sympathetic and visceral afferent fibers.

  • 10

    I understand your somewhat visceral reaction, but the facts are the facts.