A virile person is someone who is strong and healthy. They are often able to do things that other people find difficult or even dangerous.

  • He is very virile, which is why he's able to do all those exercises.

  • The virile man was able to fight off the attacker.

Definition of virile


characteristic of a man


male, manful, manlike, manly


(of a male) capable of copulation




characterized by energy and vigor

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Example Sentences for virile

  • 1

    He is a virile, strong and a brave man.

  • 2

    The pig is associated with fertility and virility.

  • 3

    Beebo was smart, handsome, chivalrous, and virile.

  • 4

    No amount of chat will ever restore their virility.

  • 5

    The art of this period reveals an astonishing virility.

  • 6

    In Chinese culture, the boar is associated with fertility and virility.

  • 7

    In this last sense, virility is to men as fertility is to women.

  • 8

    His songs are grounded in pride and fierce virility.

  • 9

    Could this increase one's virility and sexual powers

  • 10

    Firstly, tortoises and turtles are regarded as insufficiently virile.