A vial is a small container that is used to hold liquids. Sometimes pharmacies will give patients small vials of medication to take home with them.

  • The nurse gave the patient a vial of medicine to take home with her.

Definition of vial


a small bottle that contains a drug (especially a sealed sterile container for injection by needle)


ampoule, ampul, ampule, phial

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Example Sentences for vial

  • 1

    A small vial of flash powder is placed next to the brazier.

  • 2

    The black inner cryptex contained a papyrus scroll and the vial of vinegar.

  • 3

    If a vial became contaminated, the dye showed inside the vial.

  • 4

    The vial was then disposed of in the fireplace.

  • 5

    This is placed into a silver vial.

  • 6

    He betrayed Zick to get a vial full of the breath but in the end, lost the vial.

  • 7

    Attachment of vial produces no blood.

  • 8

    The loop is then inserted into the test vial.

  • 9

    The flies manage to break the vial.

  • 10

    The fate of the second vial is uncertain.