Velvety is a type of fabric that is very soft and smooth. It usually has a very high quality, and it is often used for clothing.

  • The dress was very velvety, and it made her look very elegant.

  • The carpet was very velvety, and it made it very difficult to walk on.

Definition of velvety


resembling velvet in having a smooth soft surface




smooth and soft to sight or hearing or touch or taste


velvet, velvet-textured

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Example Sentences for velvety

  • 1

    The texture is characterized as soft and velvety.

  • 2

    The stem can be velvety or smooth, and is firm.

  • 3

    The center of the tripas are usually still soft and velvety.

  • 4

    The fish is covered with minute spinules that give it a velvety texture.

  • 5

    The winter buds are dark brown to blackish, with a velvety texture.

  • 6

    The leaves have a velvety texture due to fine, dense hairs on the surface.

  • 7

    The sofa is velvety.

  • 8

    The buds are velvety and covered in white hair.

  • 9

    The surface of the fruit feels fuzzy and velvety.

  • 10

    Males have the upper wings rich velvety black.