A velociraptor is a type of dinosaur that was very fast and able to run very fast. They were the top predators in the early days of the dinosaurs, and they were very dangerous.

    Definition of velociraptor


    small active carnivore that probably fed on protoceratops; possibly related more closely to birds than to other dinosaurs

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    Example Sentences for velociraptor

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      Alarms begin blaring as the escaped Velociraptors begin to appear.

    • 2

      The link or the picture of the Velociraptor

    • 3

      He is killed in the middle of the film by a velociraptor.

    • 4

      He is mostly similar of the dinosaur Velociraptor.

    • 5

      I'm currently arm wrestling a velociraptor ...

    • 6

      The Velociraptor scratched weakly at the Protoceratops's face.

    • 7

      The second test the strength of Ankylosaurus and Velociraptor.

    • 8

      These web pages refer to it as a utahraptor, not a velociraptor.

    • 9

      I agree with you on the 'Velociraptor' taxonomy stuff.

    • 10

      The lifeless weight of the Protoceratops came down on the Velociraptor.