To veer is to move off course, to go off the path that you were supposed to follow. When you veer off the road, you can end up in a lot of trouble.

  • The car veered off the road and crashed into a tree.

  • The politician veered away from the question and gave a long speech instead.

Definition of veered


To let out (a sail-line), to allow (a sheet) to run out.


To change direction or course suddenly; to swerve.


(of the wind) To shift in a clockwise direction (if in the Northern Hemisphere, or in a counterclockwise direction if in the Southern Hemisphere).


(of the wind) To shift aft.


To change direction into the wind; to wear ship.


To turn.

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Example Sentences for veered

  • 1

    I veered the vehicle to the left.

  • 2

    The captain veered the ships and moved to east.

  • 3

    Please don't veer from the topic of the discussion.

  • 4

    Smith veered to the east and began climbing the hill.

  • 5

    Entering the countryside, it begins to veer more to the east.

  • 6

    The bus veered into oncoming traffic, hitting the taxi.

  • 7

    The sabotage causes the ship to veer towards the sun.

  • 8

    Ukrainians veer toward right wing nationalism.

  • 9

    Its largeness veers off into an unhelpful direction, and is a bit misconceived.

  • 10

    Damage from the torpedo caused the ship to veer out of control.