Vasopressin is a hormone that is released when you are stressed or anxious. It helps you to release water from your body, and it also helps to control your blood pressure.

  • The vasopressin is released when you're stressed, which is why you feel anxious.

  • The vasopressin is released when you're anxious, which is why you feel stressed.

Definition of vasopressin


hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland (trade name Pitressin) and also by nerve endings in the hypothalamus; affects blood pressure by stimulating capillary muscles and reduces urine flow by affecting reabsorption of water by kidney tubules


adh, antidiuretic hormone, pitressin

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    Structure and relation to vasopressin.

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    Vasopressin receptor antagonist.

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    Vasopressin receptor inhibition.

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    Vasopressin temporarily effective.

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    In the hypothalamus, it activates vasopressin release.

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    Oxytocin, vasopressin and social behavior.

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    It also enhances the effects of vasopressin.

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    It is the only aquaporin regulated by vasopressin.

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    Vasopressin is not transported to the anterior pituitary.

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    Vasopressin, oxytocin and social behaviour.