To vaporize something is to turn it into a gas or vapor. This usually happens when you heat something up too much, and the energy is turned into heat and vapor.

  • The plant was vaporized when the heater was turned all the way up.

  • The chemical was vaporized when it was exposed to the flame.

Definition of vaporized


converted into a gas or vapor


gasified, vapourised, volatilised, volatilized

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Example Sentences for vaporized

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    As air moves through the vaporizer, vapor moves into the air stream.

  • 2

    The solid and vapor are both flammable in air.

  • 3

    The vaporizer is connected to the air intake assembly.

  • 4

    The amount of water vapor directly controls the permittivity of the air.

  • 5

    A tertiary function of the diffuser is to hydrate the air smoke vapor mixture.

  • 6

    Some of the THMs are quite volatile and may easily vaporize into the air.

  • 7

    It's a pipe and a vaporizer.

  • 8

    The room is vaporous and steamy.

  • 9

    The vapor is toxic to the moths.

  • 10

    The vapor fuel is fed to a carburetor designed for the use of gas vapor fuel.