A utilitarian is someone who is focused on the practical consequences of any action. They are usually more realistic than idealists, and they are more likely to take into account the practical aspects of a situation.

  • The utilitarian argued that the treaty was a bad idea because it would cause too many problems.

  • The utilitarian argued that the treaty would be a good idea because it would prevent war.

Definition of utilitarian


having a useful function




having utility often to the exclusion of values


someone who believes that the value of a thing depends on its utility

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Example Sentences for utilitarian

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    Beneficence usually requires us to make utilitarian decisions.

  • 2

    The architecture was utilitarian in the extreme.

  • 3

    The effect is utilitarian and bland.

  • 4

    The idea of an admin is utilitarian.

  • 5

    I'm not supporting the utilitarianism argument.

  • 6

    Is it the utilitarian text on the record label

  • 7

    So the issue here is utilitarian.

  • 8

    How is the Mona Lisa utilitarian

  • 9

    Also, retributive has no connection to utilitarianism.

  • 10

    The architecture and layout of the town is largely utilitarian.