Unwitting is the opposite of intentional. When something is unwitting, it is unintentional.

  • The victim was unaware of the danger, and the attack was therefore unwitting.

  • The victim was unaware of the fact that their phone was being monitored, and their conversation was therefore unwitting.

Definition of unwitting


not done with purpose or intent


unintentional, unplanned


unaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge


ignorant, unknowing, unknowledgeable


not aware or knowing

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Example Sentences for unwitting

  • 1

    The unwitting victim would then exit, unaware of the switch.

  • 2

    Hitler was unwitting in some of the sources, but not others.

  • 3

    It was revealed that Takumi has the unwitting inspiration for this habit.

  • 4

    The other two are more or less unwitting victims.

  • 5

    In 1814, Chaumont was the unwitting witness to the end of the First Empire.

  • 6

    He becomes addicted to drugs and the unwitting pawn of Karzac.

  • 7

    In Woodrow's absence, she is sometimes an unwitting customer of Jake Spoon.

  • 8

    He acts as the comic foil to Nomi's unwitting naive mistakes.

  • 9

    Many times, those leaders become unwitting victims of the fraudster's ruse.

  • 10

    He said a Finnish woman would carry the bomb on board as an unwitting courier.