To untie something is to undo the knot or knotting that is holding it together. When you untie a knot, it usually comes apart easily.

  • He untied the knot in the rope with ease.

  • The rope was tightly bound, so it took the soldier a while to untie the knot.

Definition of untie


cause to become loose


loosen, undo


undo the ties of


unbrace, unlace

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Example Sentences for untie

  • 1

    They release the heavy cords and untie him from the board.

  • 2

    Peeps enters the room and unties Ellie's hands, and she unties Dimly.

  • 3

    He unties the horse and leaves.

  • 4

    They tried to untie the convolved knots.

  • 5

    The tying is easily untied for removing the rods.

  • 6

    It is necessary to work with the Kundalini and untie the three knots.

  • 7

    To do it, take the bundles of flax and untie them.

  • 8

    It has the virtues of being both easy to tie and untie.

  • 9

    One of the major problems in the untying of aid is the donor dilemma.

  • 10

    The end of the bowline on the inside will untie itself almost magically.