Untenable means that something is not possible or not likely to happen. The situation is untenable because it's not possible for the government to pay its debts

  • The government's debt is untenable and it will soon be unable to pay its bills.

  • The proposal is untenable because it will not solve the problem.

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Example Sentences for untenable

  • 1

    The present situation is untenable.

  • 2

    That is untenable in a reliable survey of the topic.

  • 3

    The article is pretentious and scientifically untenable.

  • 4

    Agree with the above that the current situation is untenable.

  • 5

    The College position is that it is untenable to recommend the procedure.

  • 6

    All of the evidence used to support the proposition is untenable.

  • 7

    In so doing, they made the defence of the city untenable.

  • 8

    However, the success was fleeting as the position proved untenable.

  • 9

    For a chess player, the content of the article is clearly untenable.

  • 10

    After remove the second choice, the paragraph seemed untenable.