Unsuccessfully means that something doesn't work out the way that you hoped it would. It can also mean that you don't achieve your goals.

  • The experiment was unsuccessful because the results were inconclusive.

  • Her attempt to start her own business was unsuccessful.

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Example Sentences for unsuccessfully

  • 1

    The plan was singularly unsuccessful.

  • 2

    The subjugation of the tribe was unsuccessful.

  • 3

    The intention generally accompanies the unsuccessful.

  • 4

    Because of these impediments, the attempt was largely unsuccessful.

  • 5

    I searched at the height of the mania and was unsuccessful.

  • 6

    Supreme is unsuccessful and is poisoned by the Homeboys in the cafeteria.

  • 7

    His pistol misfired and the attempt was unsuccessful.

  • 8

    The attempts to stop the fire were unsuccessful.

  • 9

    A tax abatement sought from the city was unsuccessful.

  • 10

    Because of the unsuccessful season the club became defunct.