Unsolvable means that something cannot be solved. This might be because the problem is too big or because there is no solution that is satisfactory to both sides.

  • The problem is unsolvable because there is too much money involved.

  • The problem is unsolvable because nobody knows how to do it.

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Example Sentences for unsolvable

  • 1

    It is the nature of unsolved problems that the work upon them is tentative.

  • 2

    Some say God is ineffable, and thus the problem becomes unsolvable.

  • 3

    The crimes remain unsolved.

  • 4

    The crime is unsolved and the killer is unidentified.

  • 5

    The episode ends with the crime unsolved.

  • 6

    The circumstances and the reasons for the attack remain unsolved.

  • 7

    The details of the murder case remain unsolved.

  • 8

    The killers escaped and the case remains unsolved.

  • 9

    The main unsolved part is the motion planning.

  • 10

    Both the murder and the motive remain officially unsolved.