Unsettling things are things that make you feel afraid or scared. They might make you feel uneasy, or they might make you feel like you're in danger.

  • The movie was very unsettling, and it made me feel really scared.

  • The party was very unsettling, and it made me feel really uneasy.

Definition of unsettling


To make upset or uncomfortable


To bring into disorder or disarray


The weakening of some previously established system or norm.


That makes one troubled or uneasy; disquieting or distressing.

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Example Sentences for unsettling

  • 1

    The state was unsettled.

  • 2

    The information is unsettled and unconfirmed.

  • 3

    But the area remained perennially unsettled.

  • 4

    In the end, the matter will remain unsettled.

  • 5

    The issue of false credentials is unsettled.

  • 6

    In 2013, unsettle your mind a bit.

  • 7

    He put this on the forums to unsettle the rumors.

  • 8

    The kiss, however, unsettles the both of them.

  • 9

    Not every migration went to unsettle the Frankish empire.

  • 10

    The English saw this and did the same to unsettle the French.