An unscientific idea is an idea that is not based on scientific evidence. It's often used to describe ideas or arguments that are not based on facts or research.

  • The unscientific argument is that vaccinations cause autism.

  • The unscientific idea is that global warming is a hoax.

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    The Biography section is especially adoring unscientific content.

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    The fad faded in the 1930s due to its unscientific basis.

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    Saying that it is unscientific is a fact.

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    Personifying it like that is unscientific.

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    Call it unscientific, but not pseudoscientific.

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    Seems to me to be a little unscientific.

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    Online polls are inherently unscientific.

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    Pseudoscience and junk science 'are' unscientific.

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    Race is an unscientific and fuzzy idea.

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    On these grounds this theory is dismissed as unscientific.