Unresponsive means not responsive. When the child is unresponsive, it means that they are not awake or not responding to anything that is being done to them.

  • The child was unresponsive and had to be resuscitated.

  • The patient was unresponsive and had to be resuscitated twice.

Definition of unresponsive


aloof or indifferent


not responding to some influence or stimulus


not susceptible to suggestion or influence

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Example Sentences for unresponsive

  • 1

    He was unresponsive to resuscitation efforts.

  • 2

    Both the display and controls will be sluggish and unresponsive.

  • 3

    In fish, the pupil is relatively immobile and unresponsive to light.

  • 4

    During spinal shock, the bladder is flaccid and unresponsive.

  • 5

    I'm not usuallhy this unresponsive.

  • 6

    If a structure is dysfunctional it is unresponsive.

  • 7

    But the user is generally unresponsive.

  • 8

    All of this is unresponsive to the issue.

  • 9

    And again unresponsive of the issue.

  • 10

    And is entirely impolite and unresponsive.