When something is unrecognizable, it is so different from the way that it used to be that you can't really identify it.

  • The house had been burned down, and all of the furniture was unrecognizable.

  • The painting was so unrecognizable that the gallery owner refused to sell it.

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Example Sentences for unrecognizable

  • 1

    The current one is gritty and unrecognizable.

  • 2

    Devito is virtually unrecognizable in the shot.

  • 3

    Or because it's extremely boring and unrecognizable.

  • 4

    That mouth brand is totally unrecognizable.

  • 5

    And as of the victims, they get disfigured and unrecognizable.

  • 6

    The former airfield is virtually unrecognizable.

  • 7

    The bridge and after tanks are unrecognizable.

  • 8

    Today, the area is unrecognizable as an airfield.

  • 9

    Many were unrecognizable and never identified.

  • 10

    Actually, some of the sounds are completely unrecognizable.