Unreachable means that you cannot or will not be able to do something. Sometimes you might say that someone or something is unreachable because they are too far away or they are protected by a barrier.

  • The summit is unreachable because of the dangerous conditions.

  • The ship is unreachable because of the rough seas.

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Example Sentences for unreachable

  • 1

    But 'tis the season to be unreachable.

  • 2

    Furthermore. many of the states of A are unreachable.

  • 3

    Nichalp is busy and seemingly unreachable.

  • 4

    On the contrary they are inside the system and unreachable.

  • 5

    A planet eternally unreachable to us.

  • 6

    Including it is more towards the unreachable unbiased.

  • 7

    Firstly, that site is unreachable right now.

  • 8

    Seems like a strange and unreachable name.

  • 9

    The engine produced unreachable in second gear.

  • 10

    Forever striving towards the unreachable asymptote of truth.