To unplug something is to turn it off. Sometimes people unplug their computers, TVs, or other electronic devices when they're not using them.

  • He unplugged his computer before he left.

  • The TV was unplugged when the power went out.

Definition of unplugging


To disconnect from a supply, especially an electrical socket.


To stop using electronic devices, especially for relaxation or to reduce stress.


To remove a blockage from (especially a water pipe or drain).


The removal of a plug.

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Example Sentences for unplugging

  • 1

    If we unplug the computer, or disconnect it from the mixer, the hum stops.

  • 2

    Beezus stops to unplug the vacuum.

  • 3

    Unplug the TV and the monitor is turned off.

  • 4

    Unplug the power cables from the motherboard.

  • 5

    We commiserated about the unplugged life.

  • 6

    First unplug the receiver from the mains supply.

  • 7

    Grampa angrily unplugs and destroys the hot tub.

  • 8

    The article suggests unplugging the unit to disable this feature.

  • 9

    The simplest way to do that is to unplug the unused devices.

  • 10

    He wakes up in the nick of time and unplugs the MRI.