Unorthodox means not normal, not usual. When you say that something is unorthodox, you mean that it is different from the usual way things are done.

  • The school's unorthodox approach to education is proving to be a success.

  • The restaurant is serving up some very unorthodox food.

Definition of unorthodox


independent in behavior or thought


irregular, maverick


breaking with convention or tradition

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Example Sentences for unorthodox

  • 1

    I'm including the unorthodox name because of this.

  • 2

    He is far less tolerant of the unorthodox methods.

  • 3

    A little unorthodox, but the best solution available at the time.

  • 4

    The article is to delineate between orthodox and unorthodox medicine.

  • 5

    An unorthodox radicalism Fisher made a serious effort to economize.

  • 6

    Ian is a famed tracker and a headhunter who fights with an unorthodox.

  • 7

    In his doctrine there was never the least trace of an unorthodox tendency.

  • 8

    Hungary is going to subsidize wage hikes in unorthodox plan.

  • 9

    I find the use of quotes and images rather unorthodox.

  • 10

    It is considered unorthodox by many pugilists because of its thieving nature.