Unoriginal means that something is not very creative or innovative. Sometimes people use the word to describe something that is not very good or enjoyable.

  • The movie was unoriginal and boring.

  • The book was unoriginal and didn't have any surprises.

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Example Sentences for unoriginal

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    If it is inauthentic, then, it is unoriginal.

  • 2

    That is a completely unoriginal point.

  • 3

    The text appears to be unoriginal.

  • 4

    He's terrible and unoriginal to boot.

  • 5

    Second one is not as nice it is unoriginal.

  • 6

    There is, an unborn, an unoriginated, an unmade, and an unformed.

  • 7

    The whole thing was completely unoriginal.

  • 8

    The connection is obvious, unoriginal and uncontroversial.

  • 9

    Unoriginal reasearch, if there is such a thing, by an anon.

  • 10

    That is just as unoriginal as my replacement section.