Unobtainable means that something is not possible to get or to happen. The phrase "unobtainable object" is often used to describe something that is too difficult or impossible to find.

  • The object is unavailable for purchase.

  • The object is not available for rent.

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Example Sentences for unobtainable

  • 1

    The results of the coincidence function permit results heretofore unobtainable.

  • 2

    Food was mostly unobtainable and he existed on hard, parched barley.

  • 3

    Not just difficult, but unobtainable.

  • 4

    Expect parking to be practically unobtainable.

  • 5

    Opinions abound, but fact in this is unobtainable.

  • 6

    A direct link to the page is unobtainable.

  • 7

    Free space is an idealization that is physically unobtainable.

  • 8

    Some skeptics regard this as an unobtainable vision.

  • 9

    There are going to be times when a consensus is unobtainable.

  • 10

    A copyright free similar image is unobtainable for this purpose.