Unmeasured is a word that is used to describe something that is not measured or weighed. This can include things like feelings or emotions, or the effects of an event.

  • Unmeasured love is a powerful emotion.

  • Unmeasured grief is a feeling that is not understood.

Definition of unmeasured


without limits in extent or size or quantity


illimitable, limitless, measureless


not composed of measured syllables; not metrical

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Example Sentences for unmeasured

  • 1

    Almost unmeasurable scientifically.

  • 2

    The damage to the environment was unmeasurable.

  • 3

    The latency induced by this setup is unmeasurable.

  • 4

    The problem with that statement is that it is unsourceable and unmeasurable.

  • 5

    Each has an unmeasurable value to humans.

  • 6

    Chaos was shaped in the form of an unmeasurable egg.

  • 7

    But its brightness at that time is completely unmeasurable.

  • 8

    Science only excludes the supernatural that is considered to be unmeasurable.

  • 9

    There may be an unmeasured variable that is actually driving the others.

  • 10

    So far any claimed physical difference is unmeasurable.