To unleash is to let go of something. When you unleash a dog, you are letting it go free.

  • The dog was unleashed and ran into the street.

  • The protesters were unleashed when the police finally arrived.

Definition of unleash


turn loose or free from restraint


let loose, loose


release from a leash


release or vent

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Example Sentences for unleash

  • 1

    People are wary of the wrath unleashed by the deity.

  • 2

    Her fury unleashes a maelstrom, in which the Dutchman and the Pearl battle.

  • 3

    The war unleashed new forms of nationalism.

  • 4

    Incensed, he prepares to unleash the power of the box.

  • 5

    It is able to unleash the dormant fighting potential of the wearer.

  • 6

    The second imperative is to unleash an unparalleled wave of charlatanism.

  • 7

    Are you going to unleash the copyediting posse on the article again

  • 8

    Once the player releases the button, the EBA will unleash an attack.

  • 9

    The Alpha Gang also arrives at the chateau and unleash Spiny.

  • 10

    The Storm in the title is what the band hopes to unleash with the album.