When someone is unimpressed, they don't seem to be very interested in what you are saying. They might not even be paying attention.

  • He was unimpressed by the performance, and didn't seem to be enjoying it.

  • She was unimpressed by the dress that I bought her, and didn't want to wear it.

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Example Sentences for unimpressed

  • 1

    The answers to the questions are unimpressive.

  • 2

    The references are quite unimpressive.

  • 3

    The results are very unimpressive.

  • 4

    The fact is that this is a truly unimpressive demo.

  • 5

    His body looked flabby and unimpressive.

  • 6

    Current references in the article are mostly unimpressive.

  • 7

    The one up at the moment is pretty unimpressive.

  • 8

    Looking unimpressive is the reason why scientific notation is inappropriate.

  • 9

    Plus, your answers to the questions were rather unimpressive.

  • 10

    The graphics engine was rather unimpressive even at the time of release.