unimpeded means free from obstruction or interference. This is usually used in the context of travel or communication.

  • The shipment arrived unimpeded and without any problems.

  • The telephone line was unimpeded, which was a relief.

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Example Sentences for unimpeded

  • 1

    The lithium fusion missile entered the atmosphere unimpeded.

  • 2

    Does the unimpeded passage of a proton perturb any thing in any way

  • 3

    The unimpeded views of Funchal are unbeatable.

  • 4

    EL_C can continue the practice unimpeded.

  • 5

    However, this work did not go unimpeded.

  • 6

    Source his unimpeded rise to power.

  • 7

    Let uninvolved admins weigh in unimpeded.

  • 8

    The unimpeded movement of the foot was essential to the art.

  • 9

    Views from around the amphitheatre are unimpeded.

  • 10

    Ascents up the western slopes are unimpeded but uninteresting.