Unimaginable is a word that is used to describe something that is too difficult or too strange to be possible.

  • The unimaginable amount of money that was lost in the disaster.

  • The unimaginable number of galaxies in the universe.

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Example Sentences for unimaginable

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    The odds are unimaginable that that's the case.

  • 2

    The results were unimaginable.

  • 3

    Is the Planck length so unimaginable

  • 4

    Maybe, it is the size of the fraud that is almost unimaginable.

  • 5

    A repeat of the Poll Tax riots of the early '90s is not unimaginable.

  • 6

    Reina has unimaginable power and controls the school entirely.

  • 7

    For companies like banks and insurance companies, the savings are unimaginable.

  • 8

    Before the WWII, the Yugoslav team was unimaginable without him in the squad.

  • 9

    Nowadays this would be unimaginable due to the mass of different stamp issues.

  • 10

    In the first week of December, rumors of unimaginable defeat arrived in Paris.