Unhygienic means not clean. When you are unhygienic, you are not taking proper care of your body. This can lead to health problems.

  • The restaurant was unhygienic, which is why the food was disgusting.

  • She was unhygienic when she touched the stove, and she got food poisoning.

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Example Sentences for unhygienic

  • 1

    A property owner was so fed up with the nuisance and unhygienic conditions caused by vagrants.

  • 2

    The Italian disease, pellagra, manifests the features one would expect from an improper food taken under unhygienic conditions.

  • 3

    This was both unsightly and unhygienic.

  • 4

    Romanies are not inherently unhygienic or criminal.

  • 5

    Some refugee camps are dirty and unhygienic.

  • 6

    The stands can sometime appear unhygienic.

  • 7

    The Luvale consider uncircumcised men to be dirty or unhygienic.

  • 8

    The roadside food in Bharatpur can be unhygienic for tourists.

  • 9

    Save water or start drinking unhygienic, polluted water.

  • 10

    The Luvale consider men who are not cut to be dirty or unhygienic.