When something is Unforeseeable, it is impossible to predict or understand. Sometimes people use the word to describe events that are too dangerous or unpredictable to plan for.

  • The event was Unforeseeable, and there is no way to prepare for it.

  • The Unforeseeable event caused a lot of damage.

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Example Sentences for unforeseeable

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    But that is probably in unforeseeable future.

  • 2

    The objection raised was not unforeseeable.

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    Firstly, the objection raised was not unforeseeable.

  • 4

    An accident is an unforeseeable unintended consequence.

  • 5

    It is difficult to estimate the scale of unforeseeable difficulties.

  • 6

    Each change can cause unforeseeable damage.

  • 7

    However, both the act and the injury must be unforeseeable.

  • 8

    He then reflects on the unforeseeable but hopeful future of both species.

  • 9

    On the other hand the economy is hampered by the unforeseeable energy situation.

  • 10

    However, foreseeable results of unforeseeable causes may still raise liability.