Unflinching means fearless. When you are unflinching, you don't care about the consequences of your actions.

  • He was unflinching in his pursuit of the thief.

  • The soldiers were unflinching in their fight against the enemy.

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Example Sentences for unflinching

  • 1

    He possessed vast erudition and unflinching courage.

  • 2

    In spite of this he continued to direct operations with unflinching courage.

  • 3

    She deserves all praises this world possesses with her unflinching courage.

  • 4

    He had displayed cool, unflinching courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

  • 5

    He is unflinching and incorruptible.

  • 6

    Fowler was an unflinching advocate of free trade.

  • 7

    You are a man with a strong will and an unflinching loyalty.

  • 8

    It is a straightforward, unflinching view of the results of Nazi policy.

  • 9

    As a tender but unflinching memoir of a lost soul, it is hard to forget.

  • 10

    But Jones has an unflinching view of man's depravity and its consequences.