The word "unexplainable" can be used to describe something that is difficult to understand or explain. Sometimes people use the word to describe things that are too strange or mysterious to be explained.

  • The unexplainable events are making the investigation difficult.

  • The unexplainable noise was making it difficult to sleep.

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Example Sentences for unexplainable

  • 1

    The cause of the immortality is just unexplained.

  • 2

    Science is full to the brim of unexplained miracles.

  • 3

    This article is the offshoot of an unexplained vendetta against the subject.

  • 4

    As such you're reverts are unexplained.

  • 5

    Otherwise it is an unexplained contradiction.

  • 6

    That is not totally unexplainable and unfounded.

  • 7

    There will be exceptions to incompleteness and the unexplained.

  • 8

    As it is now the statement is unexplained and confusing.

  • 9

    At present, the incident remains unexplained.

  • 10

    Fashion is a wicked and unexplainable thing.