Undeterred means not discouraged or scared. When the team was undeterred by the first few losses, they kept on playing and eventually won the championship.

  • The students were undeterred by the negative feedback and kept on working.

  • The soldier was undeterred by the gunshots and kept on moving.

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Example Sentences for undeterred

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    Undeterred, the children proceed with their efforts.

  • 2

    Undeterred, the band continued to write and record.

  • 3

    Undeterred, Boone and Stuart continued hunting in the region.

  • 4

    Undeterred, Tchaikovsky continued to conduct the symphony in Russia and Europe.

  • 5

    Undeterred, he lifted his kart back on to the track and continued to race.

  • 6

    Hooton was undeterred by the persecutions she suffered.

  • 7

    Undeterred, Baker reintroduced the amendment in September.

  • 8

    Japan was undeterred and tried to get the Dokdo territory.

  • 9

    Gobar remained undeterred and duly wrestled the 'giant' on to the ground.

  • 10

    Undeterred, Gera fought the NABL in court for several years.