Un detectable means that something is not detectable or detectable at a very low level. This might be because the substance has been diluted or hidden.

  • The drug is undetectable at the current level of testing.

  • The virus is undetectable at the current level of testing.

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Example Sentences for undetectable

  • 1

    It is possible for the condition to be undetected until adulthood.

  • 2

    Postprandial levels should be nearly undetectable.

  • 3

    The theft remained undetected until yesterday.

  • 4

    At the hospital, the creature climbs along the ceiling, undetected.

  • 5

    It went undetected by hiding in the human genome itself.

  • 6

    For the case of random undetected errors, this observation is true.

  • 7

    It probably went undetected due to the subsequent revert war.

  • 8

    Houston had his foot on the ropes, but this was undetected by the referee.

  • 9

    The army was concealed there undetected during the Irish War of Independence.

  • 10

    It also reduces the risks of errors or fraud occurring and going undetected.