When something is undervalued, it is not given the importance that it deserves. Sometimes people use the word to describe something that is not taken seriously.

  • The undervalued currency is losing value every day.

  • The undervalued artist is not getting the recognition that she deserves.

Definition of undervalued


To underestimate, or assign too low a value to.


To have too little regard for.


Assigned an in appropriately low value.

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Example Sentences for undervalued

  • 1

    It might undervalue the company.

  • 2

    By 1971 the yen had become undervalued.

  • 3

    The role of dopamine in depression is seriously undervalued.

  • 4

    State shouldn't undervalue sports in its universities.

  • 5

    You should not undervalue the historical importance of this definition.

  • 6

    We believe this transaction may undervalue Westway's stock.

  • 7

    Gold coin was undervalued in Colombia and tended to disappear from circulation.

  • 8

    The transaction may undervalue the Company and will result in a loss for many shareholders.

  • 9

    Scott, I think you undervalue what Charles brings to the table.

  • 10

    Do not undervalue Lynch just because he's on the Seahawks in the NFC West.