To underpin something is to support it with something else. If you underpin a building with concrete, you make sure that the building is stable and will not collapse.

  • The company is not doing a good job of underpinning its research, because the research is constantly being challenged.

  • The company is relying too much on its advertising, which is not sustainable because it will eventually be undercut by other companies.

Definition of underpins


support with evidence or authority or make more certain or confirm


bear out, corroborate, support


support from beneath

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Example Sentences for underpins

  • 1

    That would underpin the article improvement ideal at the start.

  • 2

    Lawsuit alleges that stolen ideas underpin Pinterest.

  • 3

    Rational pricing underpins the logic of swap valuation.

  • 4

    That would underpin the article improvement ideal at the start.

  • 5

    The prime purpose was to underpin influence and to what extent.

  • 6

    The two articles that underpin the lead are also dubious.

  • 7

    This seems to underpin the discussions below about the sources.

  • 8

    Nothing here in the way of reliable sources to underpin notability.

  • 9

    The real problem is a lack of sources to underpin a claim of notability.

  • 10

    Two policies were formulated that underpin the organization to the present.