Underestimated means to underestimate the power, strength, or abilities of someone or something. When you underestimate someone, you think that they are not going to be able to do anything that is difficult.

  • He was underestimated by his opponents and was defeated in the election.

  • The team underestimated the opponent and was defeated.

Definition of underestimated


To perceive (someone or something) as having a lower value, quantity, worth, etc., than what he/she/it actually has.

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Example Sentences for underestimated

  • 1

    Don't underestimate the amount of fluids lost from perspiration.

  • 2

    I guess you can never underestimate the crudity of Hamas propganda efforts.

  • 3

    They underestimate the power of the force.

  • 4

    Also, the nature of the merge is underestimated.

  • 5

    An underestimated reason is factitious fever.

  • 6

    I underestimated the fortitude of the reviewers.

  • 7

    The difficulty of the trail is often underestimated.

  • 8

    The ferocity of the weather should not be underestimated.

  • 9

    The maniacal tenacity of this individual is not to be underestimated.

  • 10

    Also, it underestimates the aggressiveness needed to treat it.