The underbelly of a person or organization is the part of them that they try to keep hidden. The underbelly of a politician is usually their shady past, the underbelly of a business is their shady practices, and the underbelly of a community is their shady dealings.

    Definition of underbelly


    the soft belly or underside of an animal's body




    lower side


    the quality of being weak or unprotected

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    Example Sentences for underbelly

    • 1

      Every community has its less seemly underbelly, as we know.

    • 2

      A white underbelly is permissible but a coloured underbelly is encouraged.

    • 3

      It's the unpleasant underbelly of Wikipedia.

    • 4

      It's the unpleasant underbelly ofWikipedia.

    • 5

      The ugly underbelly if you will.

    • 6

      The underbelly is black and green.

    • 7

      Welcome to the sleazy underbelly of Wikipedia

    • 8

      Sharpedo is colored blue with a white underbelly.

    • 9

      Most vulnerable part of the train is the underbelly.

    • 10

      It was general ashy grey with a white underbelly.