When something is undefended, it is not protected or defended by anyone. This can mean that the area is unprotected from attack, or that the object is unprotected from theft or destruction.

  • The city was undefended, and was quickly taken by the enemy.

  • The museum was undefended, and was quickly looted.

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Example Sentences for undefended

  • 1

    It appears on the undefended list.

  • 2

    The city was not entirely undefended.

  • 3

    They found that the place was undefended.

  • 4

    That's an awfully bald and undefended statement.

  • 5

    This left the city completely undefended.

  • 6

    Even then the front at no time was left undefended.

  • 7

    Old copyrights are sometimes left undefended.

  • 8

    Jouett knew that the legislature was completely undefended.

  • 9

    It might be time to stop calling this undefended.

  • 10

    The reason for this is that the system is only uninhabited, not undefended.