An unconditioned stimulus is something that is not usually associated with a certain response. For example, a bell might be an unconditioned stimulus, because it's usually associated with the sound of the bell being rung.

  • He couldn't get the dog to stop barking by using the usual methods, so he tried an unconditioned stimulus by throwing a treat in the dog's direction.

  • The student was not responding to the teacher's usual methods, so he tried an unconditioned stimulus by yelling at the student.

Definition of unconditioned


not conditional




not established by conditioning or learning


innate, unlearned

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Example Sentences for unconditioned

  • 1

    This is the unconditional problem.

  • 2

    Is it the conditional or is it the unconditional probability

  • 3

    Christian love is unconditional and unsentimental.

  • 4

    Are they thinking of the unconditional problem, or the conditional one

  • 5

    In the unconditional problem, the constant will always switch.

  • 6

    So the conditional and the unconditional probabilities are not equal.

  • 7

    The simple unconditional calculation completes the analysis.

  • 8

    Agape is the love of God or the unconditional spiritual love.

  • 9

    In classical the unconditioned stimulus is out of the control of the animal.

  • 10

    The coexistence of the conditional and the unconditional can be more peaceful.