Uncomfortable means uncomfortable in a way that makes you feel tense or upset. When you're uncomfortably hot, you're uncomfortable because you're sweating.

  • The jackets were too uncomfortably tight.

  • The noise in the room was uncomfortably loud.

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Example Sentences for uncomfortably

  • 1

    The queen is visibly uncomfortable.

  • 2

    It is a straddle for me and is very uncomfortable.

  • 3

    The truth makes you uncomfortable.

  • 4

    The attitude of callosity made the people uncomfortable.

  • 5

    The balky attitude made the people uncomfortable.

  • 6

    They thought it was uncomfortable to wear a pair of buskin.

  • 7

    Charlie feels uncomfortable and goes to find the bookcase.

  • 8

    It is the cheapest albeit an uncomfortable mode of transport in the state.

  • 9

    I am still uncomfortable with the inclusion of the emogame.

  • 10

    I am uncomfortable with the use of the press releases.