The word unchanging refers to something that doesn't change. The sky is always unchanging, and the stars are always in the sky.

  • The unchanging quality of the sky made it difficult for the photographer to capture the perfect photo.

  • The unchanging quality of the laws made it difficult for the lawyer to change them.

Definition of unchanging


showing little if any change


stable, static


conforming to the same principles or course of action over time

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Example Sentences for unchanging

  • 1

    Based on observations, the laws of physics are constant and unchanging.

  • 2

    The hum is recorded as unchanging.

  • 3

    The name of the line is unchanged.

  • 4

    These are unchanging sections of the games.

  • 5

    As before, the handedness of the image is unchanged.

  • 6

    But the net price of the swap is unchanged.

  • 7

    It is said to be imperceivable, inconceivable and unchangeable.

  • 8

    Logic is omnipresent, unchangeable, and objective.

  • 9

    The area of the county remains unchanged.

  • 10

    The core of the band remains unchanged.