The word "unbounded" is used to describe something that has no limits. An unbounded imagination is a powerful thing, and it can be a dangerous thing.

  • The idea of an unbounded imagination is terrifying.

  • The word "unbounded" is used to describe the sky, which is unlimited.

Definition of unbounded


seemingly boundless in amount, number, degree, or especially extent


boundless, limitless

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Example Sentences for unbounded

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    In addition, the history was unbounded.

  • 2

    Otherwise, the derivative is unbounded.

  • 3

    The exponential is unbounded in the real numbers.

  • 4

    Are unbounded localities registered in the same way

  • 5

    Praise for the escort carrier group was unbounded.

  • 6

    A month later, it was judged to be finite but unbounded.

  • 7

    The definition given is that of unlimited or unbounded not of infinty.

  • 8

    The list is theoretically unbounded and fundamentally unmaintainable.

  • 9

    Likewise, if the dual is unbounded, then the primal must be infeasible.

  • 10

    Her beauty is the fruit of unbounded good deeds.