Unattainable means that it is impossible or very difficult to achieve. When you say that something is unattainable, you are usually describing it in a negative way.

  • The goal of the game was to be the first team to get their flag to the other side of the field, but it was an unattainable goal.

  • The team was trying to reach the unattainable goal of winning the championship.

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Example Sentences for unattainable

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    It is a hard comparison, but not unattainable.

  • 2

    FA is unattainable for this article at this point.

  • 3

    That doesn't seem to be an unattainable goal.

  • 4

    That doesn't sound unattainable to the Greeks.

  • 5

    That would be an absurd and unattainable proposition.

  • 6

    It was an idea frowned upon as unattainable.

  • 7

    But such security is unattainable in human life.

  • 8

    There he goes, back to the unattainable.

  • 9

    This object is of course unattainable and ridiculous...

  • 10

    That is not only impracticable but would be unattainable to upkeep.